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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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City: Rawalpindi, Punjab
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offer php course in start in pk institute. php course is design for specialphp course in rawalpindi classes in evening and morning . php course in which use of dynamic website. php is personal home page . php course in start off all basic command with practical example . for example echo, string , variable, and other command use of php. php course in all basic command the end of project in use of php mysql use in data insert data view and data delete and data search .php course new batch start and coming Monday . php course in rawalpindi.

php course outline

■ Why use PHP and MySQL?
■ The PHP programming environment
■ Overview of SQL
Setting up a Test Bed
■ Decisions about a testing environment
■ Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on your computer
■ Testing on a remote Server
■ Deciding on Development tools
■ Using PHPMyAdmin
Overview of PHP
■ Setting up a PHP page
■ The phpinfo() function
■ Learning basic syntax
■ Echoing HTML output to the browser
■ The importance of comments
■ Using single and double quotes
Variables in PHP
■ Using loose typed variables
■ Assigning variables
■ Overview of numeric, string and other types
■ Assigning a variable to itself
Logical operators
■ Arithmetic operators
■ Logical operators
■ Comparisons
■ Operator precedence
Numbers in PHP
■ Making calculations
■ Using built-in numeric functions
■ Incrementing and decrementing
Strings in PHP
■ Concatenating strings
■ Trimming strings
■ Removing slashes and other harmful characters
■ String functions
Control structures in PHP
■ The If statement
■ FOR loops
■ While loops
■ The Switch
Transferring information between PHP pages
■ GET and POST
■ Different form field types
■ Self-referencing forms
■ Form handlers
Database fundamentals
■ Structuring a database
■ Using tables
■ Table relationships
■ Common data types
Creating a database
■ Using PHPmyAdmin
■ Adding a table
■ Populating a table with types and data
■ Browsing a table
Getting PHP to connect to MySQL
■ Using the mysql_connect() function
■ Using the mysql_select_db() function
■ Testing a connection
■ Writing a sample error trap
Querying MySQL using PHP
■ Writing SQL queries
■ Using Select, Insert, Update and Delete
■ Querying MySQL and returning results
■ Interpreting the returned array
Building a Web Application
■ Creating pages to:
■ Add entries
■ Modify entries
■ List entries
■ Filter entries
Security features
■ Validating entries

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Daily 1 Hour
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Note: This course is 100% Sanctification in php course in rawalpindi.

What use of php?
My main goal is to teach PHP in a way that is of immediate benefit to the user; I have no interest in blindly reciting information that can be easily read in the online PHP documentation. Rather, I’ve attempted to provide only information that will be of interest to the majority of Web developers, leaving some of the more obscure concepts to be learned in the interested reader’s own time. Concluding projects that relate to the subject matter discussed in the respective chapters are included when deemed necessary, giving the reader some extra insight into how that particular aspect of PHP can be put to practical use. The PHP scripting language is the culmination of the collaboration of development efforts across the globe, resulting in the creation of a wonderfully rich and powerful Web development language. The sixteen chapters in this book delve into the many features that make this language so popular, beginning with a thorough introduction of the general concepts and constructs of the language, then moving into issues pertaining to Web development, such as building dynamic pages, creating dynamic links, and database interfacing. Finally, attention is directed toward advanced Web development and the role PHP can play in it, discussing XML, JavaScript, COM objects, and security.